My year in books

Posted on Sun 31 December 2017 in life • Tagged with life, books

At the beginning of 2017, I made a resolution: I would read 17 books for pleasure over the course of the year. Now, this might seem like very few to my mother who claims to read a new book every two days on her Kindle. And it might seem like ...

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Wonders of YouTube

Posted on Fri 19 May 2017 in life • Tagged with life, italian, youtube, spirits, mediums

Who was Eusapia Palladino?

Eusapia Palladino era una medium Italiana.

I remember saying these words over and over in my dorm room in Schapiro Hall during my third year of college. I was practicing for the midterm presentation in my Advanced Italian Conversation course, in which we had to make ...

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You need a doorbell

Posted on Fri 03 February 2017 in programming • Tagged with life, programming, python, twilio, flask

Sometimes a dumb technical approach can be a solution to a real world problem.

I live in a graduate residence that doesn't have a buzzer system. To be granted access, my guests have to text/call me directly and I have to walk downstairs to let them in. Though ...

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My first crossword

Posted on Tue 24 January 2017 in crossword • Tagged with crossword

I made my first crossword! This is something that I've been working on very intermittently since 2011. Very intermittently, in the sense that I would make progress only when I was flying across the country on college breaks and, with no any internet connection, sometimes didn't have anything ...

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I ran a race and made some graphs

Posted on Thu 17 November 2016 in dataviz • Tagged with dataviz, running, julia

The Cambridge Half Marathon was this past Sunday and I was able to race with a couple of friends. It was a gorgeous day and very nice course. As always, I was inspired by the diversity of runners.

After finishing, I was happy to see that the full results were ...

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Why I'm bailing on Julia for machine learning

Posted on Fri 04 November 2016 in programming • Tagged with julia, python, ml

I'm bailing on Julia for machine learning — just for my one class, that is. Don't worry ~too much~!

I'm taking graduate machine learning (6.867) this semester at MIT. There are three homework assignments in the course that are structured as mini-projects, in which students implement canonical ...

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Eight days a week, revisited

Posted on Thu 02 June 2016 in economics • Tagged with life, economics, corporate drones, nundinum

If, as I investigated in a previous post, you were down with an eight-day week, then you were down with an idea that is possibly welfare improving. Give yourself a pat on the back.

That's according to Maya Eden in a paper elegantly titled The Week. Dr. Eden presented ...

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Using vimdiff with dumb paths

Posted on Tue 02 February 2016 in coding • Tagged with vim, git, matlab

I've been loving vimdiff as my git difftool for a while.

Vimdiff and Matlab packages

Vimdiff runs into some problems when working with Matlab code. Matlab considers directories with names beginning with + as "packages", a natural way to organize projects. However, this means that many paths relative to the ...

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How Goldman stays cool

Posted on Mon 11 January 2016 in buildings • Tagged with buildings, ice, cubes, ice cubes

Goldman literally has a vault full of ice cubes.

I wasn't sure if I had imagined this fun fact or not, but sure enough, Goldman's FiDi headquarters is literally air conditioned in hot weather by the melting of massive ice blocks in their basement.

According to the WSJ ...

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Eight days a week

Posted on Sat 09 January 2016 in economics • Tagged with life, economics, corporate drones, nundinum

What would you give up for a three-day weekend?

The problem

How great are three-day weekends? For me, at least, they recall the days in undergrad in which Thursday at 2pm was the end of the work week. The rejuvenation of those three-day weekends is certainly a step above the ...

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Posted on Fri 08 January 2016 in life • Tagged with life

Welcome to my site. I'll be writing about various topics, such as the world to which we are all party.

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