Preprint of Assemblé

Posted on Tue 30 March 2021 in research • Tagged with ballet

I'm excited to share that we have posted a preprint to arXiv of our paper, "Meeting in the notebook: a notebook-based environment for micro-submissions in data science collaborations." This preprint describes the design and implementation of Assemblé, a development environment for data science collaborations that is targeted to Ballet. This …

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Presenting at LIDSCONF 2021

Posted on Mon 15 March 2021 in research • Tagged with ballet, mit

Last month was the 26th LIDS Student Conference, which was held virtually. I was happy to give a talk entitled, "A New Approach to Collaborative Data Science with the Ballet Framework," which presents some of our work from our paper on Ballet. It was great to see the creativity with …

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Sharing a preprint using acmart

Posted on Mon 08 February 2021 in research • Tagged with latex

Congratulations! You just submitted a paper to an ACM conference. While you are waiting to receive peer reviews, you may want to share a preprint with your colleagues.

Here's what you should not do -- send the exact file that you created as part of your submission. This is still anonymized …

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Preprint of Ballet

Posted on Fri 18 December 2020 in research • Tagged with ballet

I'm excited to share that we have posted a preprint to arXiv of our paper, "Enabling collaborative data science development with the Ballet framework." This preprint summarizes our work on the Ballet framework for collaborative, open-source data science development.

Though there is much potential in building predictive models in an …

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Invitation to dance: a status report on the Ballet project

Posted on Tue 30 June 2020 in research • Tagged with ballet, feature engineering, machine learning

At MIT, we recently marked the close of one of the most turbulent academic years on record, in which academic and research activities were significantly disrupted by the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has by now, killed well over 400,000 people globally and 100,000 people in the …

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MLSys 2020 Recap

Posted on Wed 04 March 2020 in research • Tagged with machine learning, mlsys

This week, I attended the third Conference on Machine Learning and Systems (MLSys) in Austin, TX. It was a great experience and I thought I would record some of my thoughts and observations from attending the conference.

Demonstration of Ballet

First off, the reason I was attending in the first …

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Attending MLSys 2020

Posted on Sun 02 February 2020 in research

Our demonstration of Ballet was recently accepted at the Conference on ML and Systems (MLSys 2020). I will be attending the conference March 2-4 to present a live demonstration of our framework for real-time, collaborative feature engineering. I'm looking forward to attending the conference, visiting Austin, TX, and meeting some …

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Anonymize GitHub repos for double-blind submission

Posted on Wed 23 October 2019 in research • Tagged with latex

Many venues for submitting research in computer science and other academic fields follow a double-blind review process, in which the authors should be anonymous to the reviewers. This can cause conflicts with ideas from open science or with the evaluation of software contributions as any linked GitHub repositories can contain …

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