Sharing a preprint using acmart

Posted on Mon 08 February 2021 in research • Tagged with latex

Congratulations! You just submitted a paper to an ACM conference. While you are waiting to receive peer reviews, you may want to share a preprint with your colleagues.

Here's what you should not do -- send the exact file that you created as part of your submission. This is still anonymized …

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Anonymize GitHub repos for double-blind submission

Posted on Wed 23 October 2019 in research • Tagged with latex

Many venues for submitting research in computer science and other academic fields follow a double-blind review process, in which the authors should be anonymous to the reviewers. This can cause conflicts with ideas from open science or with the evaluation of software contributions as any linked GitHub repositories can contain …

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Trim graphics in LaTeX

Posted on Fri 13 September 2019 in programming • Tagged with latex

How to trim a figure in LaTeX.

You've already inserted the figure into a figure environment and now want to trim excess whitespace.

Start adjusting from here:

\fbox{\includegraphics[clip=true, trim={0 0 0 0}, width=\linewidth]{myfigure}}

fbox is a black box around the float content so you …

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